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Ticker INECB2
Issuer "Inecobank" CJSC
Admittance date 28.09.2018
Class Coupon bond
Listing category Abond
Currency USD
Nominal value per security 100.00
Quantity 50,000
Quantity outstanding 50,000
Volume 5,000,000.00
Maturity date 11.06.2021
Duration 36 month
Coupon (%) 5.25%
Number of payments 6
Coupon dates 11/12/2018, 11/06/2019, 11/12/2019, 11/06/2020, 11/12/2020, 11/06/2021
Issue date 11.06.2018
Allocation start date 11.06.2018
Allocation end date 07.09.2018
Status Listed

*This code is securities identification number (SIN) according to the "Procedure for Assigning Securities Identification Numbers" of "Central Depository of Armenia" OJSC.


Updated as of: 27.12.2018