"ARTSAKH HEK" Open Joint Stock Company

The company was established by the NKR Government decision N484 of 1, November, 2007 (received the state registration with the name «ARTSAKH HEK», and «Closed joint stock company» as an organizational-legal form on 12, December, 2007) according to which the 100 % shares owner was the NKR, represented by the Government.

According to the Government decision N 360  of 13 May, 2008 on “Reorganization of “ARTSAKH HEK” closed joint stock company was restructured by means of reorganization into “ARTSAKH HEK” Open Joint Stock Company. Since 2008, June 9 the company has been having the brand name and organizational-legal form of “ARTSAKH HEK” OJSC.

For more information please visit www.artsakhhek.am.

Updated as of: 27.02.2019