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Two issues of Covered mortgage bonds by FIRST MORTGAGE COMPANY admitted to trading on NASDAQ OMX Armenia.


Starting from December 25, 2017 two issues (FMGCB1 and FMGCB2) of covered mortgage bonds by “FIRST MORTGAGE COMPANY” Universal Credit Organization LLC with total nominal value of USD 500,000 and AMD 100,000,000 respectively are admitted to trading on NASDAQ OMX Armenia and included in the bonds free market (C).  

FMGCB1 bonds (ISIN - AMFMGCB21ER3) include 20,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 25, coupon rate of 6.5% and maturity period of 24 months.

FMGCB2 bonds (ISIN - AMFMGCB22ER1) include 10,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of AMD 10,000, coupon rate of 10.5% and maturity period of 24 months.    

The bonds will be allowed to manual and REPO trading as well.

Details of other financial instruments traded on NASDAQ OMX Armenia are available on “Instruments” page of our website. 


About First Mortgage Company

The First Mortgage Company is the first private residential mortgage finance company in Armenia established in 2004. The First Mortgage is registered, licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia as universal credit organization. The company aims to provide mortgage loans and finance repair of apartments in Armenia. For more information about the Company please visit

Updated as of: 25.12.2017