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AMX Stock Exchange Awarded the Winners of Virtual Securities Exchange


Today Armenia Securities Exchange summed up “AMX Virtual Exchange” game results and gave awards to the participants in the first three places of the list.

 “AMX virtual exchange” game gave 30 young traders the opportunity to make transactions with securities at virtual stock exchange. The winners of the  2 week long contest  are Manan Poghosyan, Anush Eghyan and Shaliko Eghiazaryan.

The aim of the game was to raise financial education awareness  so that the young would imagine how the exchange works practically. This also gave the opportunity to study all those alternative income sources and tools that the exchange offers.

Through the game young traders got acquainted with numerous financial tools, by investigating their risk/income structure they made investments and tried to obtain maximum income through various investment strategies. The game was organized via MarketWatch system by Dow Jones & Company.

The Structure of the Game

  • In the beginning of the game each trader is given USD 5000 budget as well as USD5000 credit opportunity.
  • During the game each trader must carry out at least 5 transactions of buy and sell.
  • Investments can be done only in US based shares, funds and indices.
  • Traders couldn’t see each other’s portfolios but on a dayly basis could see each other’s competitive positions. Transaction volume of bought securities with each financial tool must have been 5% larger than the trader’s total assets and shouldn’t have exceeded 50% of the assets.
  • Comission of each transaction is $2.
Updated as of: 22.05.2019