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ARTSAKH HEK Concluded Listing of Its Additional Shares


On October 15 Artsakh HEK listed an additional issue of common stocks on the B list of AMX Armenia Securities Exchange. The nominal value of the stock is 1000 drams, while the total value makes AMD 886 861 000. The total value of Artsakh HEK’s stocks listed on AMX exceeds 11 billion.

Artsakh HEK’s stocks were first listed on the Exchange in October, 2009, while the previous listings of additional shares date back to 2011.

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The following ten companies have already listed equity or were admitted to trading on AMX:

"ARTSAKH HEK" Open Joint Stock Company "Almast" Open Joint Stock Company
"ARARATBANK" Open Joint Stock Company "Arpa-Sevan" Open Joint Stock Company
"Yerevan Jewellery Factory" Open Joint Stock Company

"Yerevan Factory of Champagne Wines" Open Joint Stock Company

"Yerevan Jewellery Factory - 1 Gnomon" Open Joint Stock Company


"Pure Iron Plant" Open Joint Stock Company "UNIBANK" Open Joint Stock Company


Why Make  IPO on Armenia Securities Exchange? 

  • IPOs are a way to raise equity capitalto expand and grow the business;
  • IPOs ensure long-term funds compared to borrowings from banks;
  • an IPO and an exchange listing can enhance the reputation and transparency of the company
  • the issuer builds up a history in the market: once you’ve done your IPO successfully, it will be easier to generate equity funding from the stock market in the future;
  • as a rule, listed stocks are more liquid, due to which they can be cashed-in quickly.


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Updated as of: 16.10.2019