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CEO's Update on COVID-19


The viral spread of COVID-19 has left the world with an unprecedented impact on multiple sectors, and securities markets are listed among them.
The world undergoes the toughest period hand in hand with those tremendous challenges that will follow the pandemic. However, the more compound the situation is, the more room we have to think about the necessity of changes to be made in our working environments, and the priorities that should lie in the core of any company. For us the company’s commitment towards safety of employees and our clients, and resilience in the working environment is of utmost importance for which we have initiated the following precautions and activities:

• Sanitization of the company offices and the provision of protection means for all the employees to promote personal hygiene,
• Ability of most employees to work remotely equipped with computers provided by the company,
• Paid quarantine period for employees returning from abroad,
• Minimizing contact among workers, clients, and customers by replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual communications and implementing telework,
• Flexible working hours and creation of shifts for administrative work,
• Providing workers with up-to-date education and training on COVID-19 risk factors and protective behaviours from our HR Department.

Directing all the resources to ensure the seamless operation of our employees remotely we continue to provide the services. Therefore, the daily activities with our partners and clients are proceeded with the same intensity and commitment as before through virtual channels. All the documentation workflow has been eased with the creation of electronic signatures and other online facilities, respectively.
This year AMX has commenced with the new enlightenment of its prospects starting from the implementation of government bond auction infrastructure and will continue its activities in accord with its strategy.
In line with this year’s tax reforms and amendments, Armenia Securities Exchange will most effectively keep on cooperating with government and regulatory bodies for investors to have an easier access to trading with securities, concurrently tracing its principles with the changing world aside.

About Armenia Securities Exchange

AMX | Armenia Securities Exchange is Armenia’s only securities exchange, and it also runs the Central Depository of Armenia, helping investors raise capital for 19 years.
We aim to promote an attractive business environment to engage local and international partners by developing and introducing business-friendly products and services across trading, clearing, settlement and pension administration.
The Exchange’s mission is to promote an attractive business environment to engage local and international customers via introduction of a selection of efficient products and services to diversify investment choice as well as to be an active growth vehicle of the Armenian economy and an efficient financial gateway to the region.
In line with its mission, the Exchange carries out the following activities: provides securities listing (trade admittance) and placement services, organizes exchange trading for corporate and government securities, foreign currency and credit resources, as well as performs clearing of obligations resulting from trades with government bonds, foreign currency and credit resources.

Updated as of: 12.05.2020