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Starting from April 25, 2017 allocation and buyback auctions of Armenian government treasury bonds were transferred from Central Bank to "NASDAQ OMX Armenia" OJSC platform. 

Several conceptual changes have been implemented to make this initiative go live wth the aim to bring the organisation of government bond auctions in line with the best and most recent international standards. Consequently hereinafter Armenian government bond auctions will be handled via state of the art and best of breed Genium INET electronic trading system, developed by Nasdaq and featured with the latest technological solutions. Genium INET is a multifunctional trading system and is used not only by the Nasdaq group’s American and European exchanges, but also in other large financial centers, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Introduction of the new automated trading system has facilitated arrangement of government bond auctions. The software is more flexible and user friendly. It has simplified order input features and transaction speed in microseconds. The system allows T+1 settlement, which is an additional liquidity management opportunity for trade participants.  

In addition, modern software solutions of Genium INET enable the Government to be me more flexible in debt management process.

Worth to mention, that the project has been developed and implemented thanks to the joint efforts of NASDAQ OMX Armenia, the Central Bank of Armenia and the Ministry of Finance of Armenia. Successful launch of the project is another step toward better positioning of capital markets and infrastructure development.

Information about Government bond auctions can be found on "Gbond auctions" page of our website.

Updated as of: 10.05.2017